WTF Fridays...Seriously?! Baby Jorts?

Sorry my recent posts have been so "baby-centric." I'm really not obsessed or anything--I'm nowhere near ready to have a baby--there's just lots of crazy stuff going on with babies lately!

I was watching TV last night and this commerical came on. I thought it was one of those joke commercials like on SNL circa 2003 (Thong diapers). (one of my FAVORITE SNL commercials, by the way) Nope. It's serious.

I think my favorite part was at the end when the song says "When it's number 2, I look like number 1!" Do babies really need diapers that look like jeans? Is it a hommage to jorts? Baby jorts? I predict a record number being sold in Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, and anywhere else adults AND babies run free with only their jorts on. It also gives new meaning to the Diaper Jeanie : ) (lame joke, I know)

Your thoughts?


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