The BP Oil Disaster--the Magnitude Realized

Hey kids...Hopefully by now you are aware of the BP oil disaster in the gulf. If you are like me, the reports they give about how large it is dont really mean much. I found this site that shows you just how big it is...if it were in your area.

Check it out--it should go directly to your area, if not just enter it in. Here is a screen shot of mine:

Isnt that is INSANE! It really makes it hit home what a HUGE ecological disaster this really is and that the effects will be felt for a long, long time. There are pictures on the site of the animals affected by the spill--so sad.


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  1. Geez, take all of the fun out of oil disasters. :\

  2. What?! No way, I provided a "fun" link to see how big the spill is. C'mon...!