April Showers Bring...(edited)

May CRAZINESS! I was just looking over my calendar for the month of May. Let me tell you, it's jam-packed.

April 30: (not technically May, but close enough) Kevin and I have tickets to see The Color Purple. It was part of my birthday present that I finally get to redeem :) I'm excited about it and especialyl excited to see the newly-renovated Midland Theater !

May 1: "Baby" Jae's 2nd Birthday Party. Jen knows how to throw a great party and I'm looking forward to a good time...not to mention shopping for the perfect gift. I can't wait! (I also can't believe that she is 2 years old! Where does the time go!?)

May 6: First Friday. UMB is sponsoring First Friday at Glaspur Gallery (171 7 Walnut, KCMO--In the Crossroads Art District). The gallery will feature artwork by individuals with disabilities from The Whole Person. Admission is free and I encourage you to come check it out (plus there will be free wine and cheese!)

May 7: Kevin and I will be road tripping to Manhattan (KS) to attend the wedding of one of my co-workers, Holly. I plan on wearing some sort of KU gear... Holly went to KU but is from Manhattan and her hubby-to-be is a Nebraska super fan.

**I cannot believe I forgot to add an event on May 7! My lovely friend Necia's birthday party is May 7 as well. She just so happens to be pregnant with TWINS!!! So we will be celebrating for 3 before heading to Manhattan for the wedding!
May 8: Mother's Day, of course! I hope you have something special planned to celebrate your mom :)
May 14/15: Something is going on this weekend, but I cannot recall what it is. That could be a problem.

May 21: Taking a girls trip to Wichita for an 80's party at a friends house. I couldn't be more excited about this and CANNOT wait to show off my outfit and, more importantly, my hairstyle. It's going to be EPIC! Get out your frosty blue eyeshadow and krimper, ladies, and watch out, Wichita!

May 27: I cannot divulge any information on what's going on this day........ But I'll be preparing for a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day, that's for sure!

Whew...it seems like May is going to fly on by...what are your big plans?


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  1. We can't wait to have you over :)

  2. Dude. You & Jen are friends in "real people life, not just BlogLand?" No fair. Haha... I didn't know that! Sounds like some fab times to come. You should so post a pic of the epic outfit & hair! Byeee.

  3. Perhaps I should post a picture of Jen and I for one of these Flashback Fridays. I have a stunning picture of her in a side ponytail from a birthday party of mine. We're standing in front of a giant fan to get that "wind in the hair" experience.