WTF Fridays--"It's a Baby....In a Bar."

Welcome to another Friday! I hope you are all as ready for the weekend as I am! I came across the topic for this week's WTF Friday in the Lawrence Journal World. It's a story about a mother who feels singled out because the she was asked not to bring her 11-month old baby into the establishment after 11 pm--a reasonable request, no?

Read the whole story here.

Now for my thoughts. I immediately thought of the movie Sweet Home Alabama. If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about and what the title of today's post refers to. If not...basically, when Reese Witherspoon's character goes home to Alabama and visits the local watering hole a high school friend of hers is there, with her baby because "she's still on the tit."

Which, conveniently enough, is another point from the article. The manager of the Bourgeois Pig (The Pig) in Lawrence supports a mother's right to nurse her baby in public places, but is concerned that, because the Pig serves coffee AND alcohol that other patrons would raise concerns that she is drinking alcohol while nursing her baby--a valid concern.

The aticle also raises concerns about criticism about parents who can't seem to give up their social lives when they have small children.

I can understand both sides...positive and negative. Personally, I wont be taking my children, regardless of their ages, to a bar after dark (important classification between a restaurant and bar/coffee house here, folks. The pig caters to alcohol-drinking patrons throughout the day but obviously it increases at night). I think other patrons have every right to be concerned about it--they see a mother and child surrounded by lots of people drinking alcohol, assumptions will be made regardless of their validity. I would probably do a double take. Once to make sure I am really seeing a mother/child at a bar after dark, and twice to make sure she wasnt drinking.

In my opinion (only mine) I do think she should re-think taking her baby with her to The Pig after 11. I understand that it's the place she and her husband met, blah blah blah, but really? Do you REALLY need to take your baby? Especially if she's nursing! Why isnt the kid asleep? Does she really need to get out that badly? If so, get a sitter. "Babysitters are expensive!" you are drinks at a bar. Priorities, people. I'm sorry she feels singled out, but the other patrons are going to assume the worst and she is the one putting herself in the position to be judged--regardless of how unfair it is, people are ALWAYS going to judge with or without all the facts.

Anyhoo...what are your thoughts?


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  1. 1. This rule is only for after 11pm? I know you already said it, but WHY is the baby not in bed?
    2. She met her husband at that bar, soooo...what is her point? She wants to teach her 11 month old son how to scam on hot chicks?? Just because she used to go there late at night doesn't mean that it is still an appropriate place for her to frequent at that hour.
    3. Is this a non-smoking environment?
    4. Can't they just make the rule "No one under the age of 18 after 11pm" so that lots of people feel "singled out"?
    5. If you need to get out at 11pm, don't go to a rowdy bar...go to a 24-Hour Wal-Mart.

  2. All bars in Lawrence are non-smoking but people can still smoke outside, and that's where a lot of people sit in the evenings--smoking or not.