The 1st Attempt at Being Crafty

(unless you count the strawberries from yesterday)
You know how I said I was going to try to be more crafty? And remember how I said my first project was for Jen and Baby Jae? Well… here is it!
I saw this project on one of the new blogs I am following, Samster Mommy. I just love all of her crafty ideas and she gives GREAT tutorials (so much so that I, the not-so-crafty, feel like I can do the projects). Plus, Samster is simply adorable.

The idea came to me one day when I was visiting the J’s and noticed Jae’s bows EVERYWHERE. They are her “trademark” so naturally she has a ton of them. My mind flashed back to the Bow Board tutorial from the blog and I knew I had to try it. (check out Jen's Blog to see the evidence...Jae showcases her "trademark" in nearly every photo)

Here is the finished product. I am so lucky that Jen loves the color green as much as I do—originally I planned to do something entirely green to relish is my favorite color palette, but decided on some flowers and polka dots instead. I think it turned out great considering it was my first attempt—surely I will refine my skills the more I do. Now I just need my friends to start having more babies, girls to be exact.

Thank you to Samster Mommy for the great idea! I think Jen and Jae liked it—here is the finished product with bows galore.


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  1. That came out wonderful!!! LOVE the pink satin, great job!!