Father's Day--Dadisms

Me and dad...I was always good at pouting! : )

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!

I thought the best way to commemorate the day was by posting some "dadisms" from my father. :)

"Blow some stink off of ya!"
"These shoes have been here for 2 damn weeks" (the amount of time they had really been there was irrelevant...it was always 2 weeks.)
"You KNOW better than that!"
"Come on, Alison, use your head."
"Yu'ns" (you-ins, or youns) I never really understood this one. Must be an Ohio thing.
"Nobody can even look at you crooked."
"Put your sass on simmer."
"All you need is some natural grease" (I don't think I will ever forget this one--we were putting together a bamboo fishing rod and he wiped some oil/sweat off of his forehead and used it to grease the joints of the fishing rod....memorable experience.)
"Get that through your hard head!"

Dad also went through a phase when he said "Bollocks" a lot...like he was Brittish.

Happy Father's Day, dad : )

What are some of yoru favorite dadisms.


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