WTF Fridays--Felt Food?!

So...apparently felt food is "all the rage" these days. Who knew? Not me, that's for sure. Last weekend I went to visit my good friends, the J's (Joey, Jen, and Baby Jae) for some fun in the sun/shade and just to hang out since it has been FOREVER since I last visited.

We enjoyed Jae's new water table--well, she enjoyed trying to get all the water out of it and sticking the mini water guns I brought over in her mouth to suck out all the water. After that we went inside to watch her make a mess with her dinner and then onto the fun stuff...testing this felt food phenomenon. Jen got a "sample" of some felt food from Etsy (check it out here she has some super cute stuff!) and wanted to test it out with Jae. She got the sushi pack, which contained three sushi rolls, two chopsticks, and a fortune cookie. I have to say, it's pretty darn cute--not to mention durable--we tried to take it apart and push out the middle of the sushi rolls with no luck. The sushi seemed to be a pretty good learning tool, too. Jae saw that Jen stacked the rolls up and when we knocked them down she stacked them right back up again and, when Jen was using the chopsticks to pick up the sushi rolls Jae tried to do the same. Perhaps Jae is just a genius... :)

Check out the "review" and some pictures from the day on Jen's Blog (there is a giveaway, too, but it might be too late to enter). I will post my pictures from last weekend later tonight since my camera and cord are at home.


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