Flashback Friday!

Wow, it's been awhile, eh?

After the move and getting settled, things finally started to pick up at work so I havent had a lot of time to blog. I also chose not to get internet at my apartment so I can only blog from my phone or work.

So here's my flashback for the day. This is a picture of me when I was a toddler. It's one of my favorites (and sorry if I've shared it before) and I am feeling this way today. It pretty much sums up my sassy/sarcastic personality...I knew who I was at such a young age :)

Sorry for the fuzziness--it's a picture of the picture. I can't find my scanned copy.


Flashback Friday


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  1. Ha! Yeah, looks like you know your own mind even then! Super cute.

  2. Hey! So glad to see ya back on here!

    Look at those curls! The look on your cute face is priceless!

  3. Love the look on your face!! Very cute! Visiting from FBF!