Shopping Spree!

Since I moved out of my old apartment early, my landlord gave me a refund for the half of the month I wasn't living there--nice, right? I also got my full deposit back! Needless to say I had some extra moolah burning a hole in my pocket. I still have most of it, actually, I'm saving up to fix m y car (finally) so a huge chunk of it went to that fund. But, of course, I did some shopping of the online variety and received most of it yesterday! Who doesn't love deliveries? Pizza, babies, packages...lovely.

So what did I buy? Well, let me show you!

I love, love, love Sephora and have been a loyal shopper for many years. I've been waiting on this beauty to go on super-sale so I could justify buying it.
Pretty, huh? It has 45 eye shadows, 15 lip glosses/lipsticks and 6 blush options. That black box in the middle of the blushes is a travel case--you can put in up to 6 (I think) of the eye shadows/lip gloasses and 2 blushes and take it with you. How convenient. I like to play around with makeup but hate buying it so I splurged! Although, it wasnt much of a splurge since it was on super-sale : )

I also bought some bright green eyeliner, plumping mascara, bubble bath, and a cute (pink with white polka dots) nail file with a little case (it was $1!). I got my 3 free samples that you get with every order as well as a deluxe sample because I had 100 points, there was also a promotion running to get a bottle of the new Escada summer perfume. Lovely!

I mentioned my Slush Mug earlier this week and I am happy to report that it totally works:

I got it from highly recommend you at least go browse the site. They have so much fun stuff! I ordered the Slush Mug in stylish Teal and also got some other stuff. I can't go into too much detail because the other things I got are gifts for an upcoming baby shower but I'll share them soon. So funny.

I got a little surprise when I opened the box from Perpetual kid, too:
 How funny is that? It's a finger puppet and my cat loves it.

The last item I got were these beauties:

Sexy, kinda.

Before I moved I made a huge donation of my old VHS tapes. Sadly, I had a ton of them and lost a lot of my favorite movies that will need to be replaced on DVD. A friend of mine turned me on to the site where you can buy pre-owned dvd's (and sell them, too). I have a couple movies from them and I've had no problems with them at all. I'm slowly rebuilding my collection and would rather save as much money as possible by buying used items. I only bought 3 movies this time...don't laugh.
I said dont laugh! Everyone that knows me should know that I LOVE Spice World--I've even made some brave male friends of mine watch it. : ) I love Beetlejuice, too, and I always miss Home Alone when it's on during the holidays. So, shh.

Next on the list?

And last but not least, I bought some stuff from Old Navy--nothing fancy. I'm disappointed because one of the skirts is WAY too short and one of the shirts has two holes on the back. Boo. So I'll be returning them and probably doing some in-store shopping to replace those two items.

I'm online-shopped out! But the upside to all of this is that my bank account did NOT take a big hit at all. I've always been proud to be a bargain shopper!


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  1. I love love love Troop Beverly Hills!

  2. So love Troop Beverley Hills!

  3. Sadly, I took my two sisters to see Spice World when it came out. I think I was back from college or something or they were visiting. I'm still trying to block it out.