WTF Fridays

I’ve seen these things on other blogs: Wordless Wednesdays, Wondrous Wednesdays, Thoughtful Thursdays, etc…so I am going to try out my own thing—WTF Fridays. Each Friday (hopefully) I will post a blog about something that just makes me say WTF!?

The inaugural WTF Friday post is…..(drumroll please)…..


We’ve all seen them, but have you ever turned to a friend/loved one after one of them was over and said “WTF?” I have. So here are my thoughts, feel free to share yours.

Taking birth control is just one of those things you have to do if you don’t want little ones running around. It’s not really THAT hard to remember to take a pill every day. The commercials for Nuva-Ring really crack me up. Maybe it’d because I’ve always secretly longed to be a synchronized swimmer, maybe not. I am of course referring to the commercial where the “old” birth control is represented by synchronized swimmers singing “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….” Repeat (get it, you take it every day—yes, we get it). Then, one of the swimmers looks over and realizes there is something different…yes! A hot tub with only a few yellow bikini-wearing swimmers relaxing, so she decides to leave the routine and hop on in the hot tub because taking a pill every day is just. too. hard.

Personally, I don’t think it’s really that complicated. Do you brush your teeth every day? Then you can manage to take a pill right after doing that. I also like the new ads for Nuva-Ring—the ones where a group of friends are sitting around watching TV and the old ad comes on. One of the women starts singing the song and another asks “would you ever use Nuva-Ring?” Then another says, “I don’t even know what it is…” The woman who asked if they would use it chimes in, “It’s a monthly birth control ring…blah blah blah.” Yep, that’s exactly what happens when me and my friends get together.

Next up, Yaz. Don’t get me started on these commercials. I laughed when I saw the one where the women are at a “club/bar” and one of them is a doctor and she launches into a speech, complete with medical jargon, telling her friends about the benefits of Yaz, which helps with PMDD, not to be confused with PMS.

Right, like that would happen?

Then the new ads came out showing a bunch of different women in different scenarios. The one who changes her clothes in the car, another cutting bangs while sitting on her floor (uhh, bitch those are going to be some jacked up bangs!), and my favorite…the girl who willingly sits, FULLY CLOTHED, in a bath tub filled with water and bubbles. Seriously!??!!?!? WHO DOES THAT! If my birth control made me hop into a full bathtub I’m pretty sure I’d be making an appointment with my doc ASAP to get a different form of BC.

I want my birth control to help prevent pregnancy, not make me crazy—I am already crazy enough.

I could go on…but tell me some of your favorites! Oh.. who remembers the patch? I tried that once and it left the icky band-aid-esque black sticky residue that refused to come off. Ew.


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  1. I immediately thought of the swimmers too! I love WTF Fridays!!

  2. This was hilarious. It made me realize how crazy the advertising people must be (since your explanation of the Nuva-Ring read like a advertising pitch). Who was the exec that said, "That's a GREAT idea!!"???

    My very favorite commercials right now (I'm not kidding, I love them) are the ones for Kotex. THAT is brilliant advertising.

  3. Loving the new WTF Friday! I have a blog award for you!!