Well Hello!

Now that things are starting to calm down in my life I can update my blog! I have some back-tracking to do but that wont happen until tonight at the earliest. I have an awesome 80's party to tell you about and shwo off some awesome pictures--side ponytails galore!

For now I will just start with the big changes.

**My new job**
I started my new job on June 1 and it's been great so far! I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase but I think I will enjoy it a lot. I'm the Annual Fund Coordinator at Avila University, which is a private catholic university in KC MO. It's a pretty awesome place and one of KC's best kept secrets. A lot of people dont know much about us but I will help change that :) (let's not tell them I'm the worst Catholic ever.)

I got my own office with a frosted glass desk. Needless to say, I feel VERY fancy and important. I just need to do some decorating and it will look a little bit more like "me".
Those are some pictures of my office--the first is looking in (duh) and the second is the view from my chair. You'll notice a lot of purple, which isnt my first choice because I'm a Crimson and Blue gal, but Avila's colors are purple and gold. As long as it's not for K-State, right?

**New Apt**
When I got my new job I didnt anticipate moving into a new apartment for a loooong time (I HATE moving) but after discussing it with Kevin and realizing I didnt want to continue to live an hour apart, and, not to mention, commuting requires that I fill my car up with gas a couple of times a week, I decided to start looking for an apt.

Sara and I went to look at a 1 bedroom apt last Saturday in Red Bridge, which is about 5 minutes from my new job, and I loved it. I actually turned in the paperwork, put down the deposit and am scheduled to move in the 2nd weekend in July. I cancelled my other apt tours and am happy with my decision. I did a bunch of research on apartmentratings.com and found this place to be the highest rated complex I've ever seen. 91%. That's pretty much unheard of. I was skeptical but after going to look at the apartment I've determined it's the perfect place for me. Perfect amount of space, DOUBLE GIGANTIC closets in the bedroom and I can paint an accent wall in the living room.

There it is.. isnt it lovely and quaint? I agree. Mine is the one on the lower level. I could have chosen the 2nd floor but who wants to move furniture up stairs? Plus, we had to take my sliding glass door off completely to get my couches into my current apt, who wants to try that on a 2nd floor apt? Yeah, didnt think so.

Oh, and btw... it's gettin' hot in KS :)
Oh, and I need to clean my car...it's getting a bit dusty. Dont judge.

That's al lfor now.. more exciting updates later! Happy Friday!!


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  1. Yay your back and yay you'll be close, though in MO, boo ;)