The Perks

My new job has some perks! A lot of them, actually, but this one was unexpected. We have an annual auction that includes silent auction items and a live auction. Obviously I wasnt a part of this year's celebration but I still get to partake in one of the perks.

The prize? Box/suite tickets to the NKOTBSB concert at the Sprint Center in KC!! For those of you out of the loop--NKOTBSB is the super group of boy bands, bringing together New Kids on The Block and the Backstreet Boys in one concert. *swoon*

How did I get so lucky? My boss was talking about the prize winner/highest bidder (the total prize was 12 tickets in the suite, food, beverages, etc) and mentioned that the assigned schmoozer couldn't attend and needed my boss to fill in. Overhearing this, of course, piqued my interest and I declared "if you need someone to go with you I'm happy to do it."  I was (mostly) kidding but thought I'd give it a shot. After lunch my boss came to my office and told me to block off the night of the concert so we could go. SCORE!

NKOTBSB here I come!


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  1. SHUT UP! OMGosh I would die to see those boys again. Yep. I saw them when I was 12. My mom let me stay home when they were on Oprah. My room was dedicated to them. So jealous. Have the best time lady!