Flashback Friday

Finally participating in Flashbak Friday :)

Since I am moving in 21 days I've been cleaning out all my old storage boxes. I am being pretty ruthless and tossing a BUNCH of stuff. I hit the jackpot last night and found some old "publications" from 3rd and 4th grade:
(check out the awesome computer technology used to create this literary work of art!)

I also found this awesome game called Digital Diamond. It belonged to my brother but I totally stole it because I loved the sounds it made and when it lit up. the first picture is how I found it (covered in dust) and the second is after a cleaning. Love it! (ps, it's from between 1978-80)

I'm totally going to get some batteries over lunch and fire it up!

And, in case you wanted a wallet-sized photo of me as a junior in high school, I found these.

This is the only reason I like moving...cleaning stuff out and finding lost treasures like these!

Happy Friday!
Flashback Friday


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