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I love my DVR! With my new commuter schedule I get home and just want to veg out or go to bed early so it's great to have a DVR to record all the TV I miss while being lazy or sleeping.

One of my absolutely favorite shows starts up again this Sunday and I highly recommend you watching it. I'm sure they'll have some sort of marathon on before the new season starts. Are you on the edge of your seat wondering what show it is???

It's...Drop Dead Diva!!!

Seriously, if you haven't watched this show, you really need to. It's on its 3rd season (you can catch up by reading about it or watching full episodes on the site (link abvove). It's addicting, not going to lie, and I LOVE the premise of the show. Seriously. Watch it. It's on Lifetime : )

Other shows I'm digging:

Toddlers and Tiaras (of course). It started last night with a head-to-head battle between Eden Wood and Mackenzie the annoying (the name I gave her). If you've watched it in the past couple of seasons you'll know what I mean. It's crazy that this little girl (Mackenzie) begs and cries for her "ni-ni" (paci) and wont get ready for the pageant without it. She's 5.

GRR! My last two picks didnt show up! I'll post them tomorrow.


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  1. I heart Drop Dead Diva! I love that you are the only person I know on the planet that watches it! :)