My Tanning Disaster

It's been a couple weeks since this happened but I wanted to document my self-tanner disaster...

I am a pale gal. I used to tan so easily then, after a few bad burns, my tanning ability was gone. I've tried tanning at a salon but ended up with a rash and super itchy skin. So, what's a ghostly gal to do? Try self-tanning at home, of course.

I am not a fan of the creams and lotions out there but have been hearing good things about Tan Towels so I finally went to Beauty Brands and picked up a couple. They are cheap and apparently good so why not, right?

I went home, took a shower, and shaved my legs in preparation. I didnt plan on putting it everywhere since I'm not going to be in a bathing suit anytime soon and just needed some color on my face, arms, and legs. I got the large full body "towel" (they are pretty much just oversized moist towlettes with the tanning stuff in them) and started applying it as directed (in a circular motion) over the areas I wanted color. It was really easy and the smell was quite pleasant.

I washed my hands and let my limbs dry--of course the color doesnt come instantly, it takes 2-4 hours to reach full color so I got dressed and headed up to Kevin's house. Later that evening I was admiring the job I had done and it truly did look pretty good. It was a subtle tan and didnt look orange or fake.

Upon closer inspection I realized I made one of the biggest self-tanner mistakes, I applied it to my feet, ankles and knees a bit too heavily. Oops. I held up my feet to Kevin, who just kind of laughed and looked the other way. That was my cue. I immediately got on my phone to google how to get it off asap. The majority of sites said to apply baby oil to your body, wait 30 minutes and then take a soak in the tub.

No baby oil. I wondered if crisco would work? I decided against trying it. After reading though a ton of sites, all of which saying the same thing, I decided to just go soak in the tub. Just before I went to turn the water on something caugh my eye in the search results. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I knew Kevin had a small stockpile of them so I grabbed one and headed to the tub.

I really had no hope that the magic eraser would work but went ahead and started rubbing it on my feet. Amazing thing happened...the orange came off!! Can you believe it?

Magic Erasers truly are magic! I was ecstatic. I didnt have to scrub hard and was looking normal in no time.

So..moral of the story? If you do use Tan Towels, go light around your joints/feet/etc..or have a Magic Eraser handy!


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