Wanna know what's ridiculous? Women who put on makeup while driving. I'm not talking about a leisurely drive at a slow speed, I'm talking about the lady in a blue Toyota Camry with a firefighters tag and Gamma Phi Beta sticker driving 80 on K-10 putting on her makeup--while swerving between the lanes carelessly.

This whole commuting to work thing has opened my eyes to even more crazy drivers than I'm used to but this one topped them all.

I've seen women putting on blush or powder in their cars but this lady was going all out. I'm going to assume she was late for work and didnt have the chance to put it on at home, but still, it was scary. She started out in front of me putting on her foundation then moved over so I could pass her and shoot her a disapproving look (which she didnt see because she was focused on herself in her rear view mirror). Then she moved on to eye shadow and started picking up speed and ended up right behind me so I could see every move.

She put on eye liner next and then stopped for awhile when she nearly swerved right into a semi. Then...and here's the kicker...she pulled out an eyelash curler and went at it. I'm not sure why it enraged me so much but I just couldnt take it. This is really immature and a bit dangerous but I totally brake-checked her. It's not like I slammed on my brakes making her almost hit me, I just hit my brakes once for a second to make sure her eyelash curling was interrupted. Plus, if she hit me it would have been her fault--she was clearly not paying attention and was driving carelessly--I would have about 5 witnesses, including the semi she nearly side-swiped.

She looked away from the mirror and I got in the other lane--she then passed me and finally stopped applying the make up...well, maybe until I was out of view.

GRRR! It just makes me mad that there were no cops around to see it. The road I take to work in the morning is notoriously bad for many reasons and drivers like her are definitely one of them. My point? Effing pay attention when you are driving.

PS--this is not her...but it easily could be. This lady was probably not going 80 MPH.


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