I dont have much to talk about today so I am just going to post some links to nifty things I've seen lately. It's been a hectic day--we are shooting a holiday e-card at Avila (yay!) and I am already getting pumped for the KU-UK game tonight. I'm also going to get my "hair did" tonight before I head home, grab some leftovers and watch the game.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Oh!! By the way, this is post #100!! YAY!!!
1. Retro Headsets
Are you worried about radiation from your cell phone? No? Me neither. But, if you are and want another option, try these Retro Headsets by YUBZ. I think it's kind of silly to plug in a headset to your cell phone, but whatever floats your boat. They come in solids and some fun artsy prints. I am looking forward to the day I see someone walking down the street talking on one of these things. Isnt one of the points of cell phones that they are small and fit into a pocket or purse? Doesnt the big ass headset defeat the purpose?
2. Faux Taxidermy
You dont know how long I've been looking for a faux taxidermy rhino head! All this searching and it turns out I could have just made one.

3. Un-ugly Powerstrip
How ugly are powerstrips? They are so utilitarian and boring. Not anymore!! Check THESE out! Finally I can plug my shit into something more pleasing to the eye--available in Zebra, Leopard, Skulls, and Roses. Aww... pretty.

4. Stitchy...
I have been eyeing these things for quite a long time and have finally decided to take the plunge back into cross stitching! I dont need to pay for these kits because I'll be making up my own for some very special people in my life. Watch out, you might be on the receiving end of an awesome Alison Original!

Happy Tuesday! Go Jayhawks, and Amen for my stylist : )


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