Gobble Gobble!!

I am officially calling it a work week here in about 15 minutes--I'm off until next Monday and am really looking forward to some down time.

My mom and I are taking a little road trip to the booming metropolis of Casey, Illinois. It's about 6 hours away--so nothing too crazy.

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I'd share some fun turkeys with you. I absolutely love hand turkeys and would totally make them if people wouldnt look at me like I'm crazy.

I guess I could also let you all know what I'm thankful for this year (and every year):
--My wonderful friends and family (my friends pretty much are my extended family)
--Good health for me and those close to me
--A good job
--A warm place to call home
--A fat, black and white cat that also helps keep me warm and entertained

Just to name a few...I'm thankful for so many things in my life, it's hard to put them all into words. I hope the same is true for you!

And now... the hand turkeys!
In case you wondered about hand turkey parts...

Some other options for your hand turkeys...
Yeah, this one is a class act.. sweet hat!

Umm, is it just me, or is this a chicken with colored feathers??

The perfect hand turkey :) Gobble Gobble!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!


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