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Hello, strangers!

Have you ever found a gift that you just want to share with everyone? Well, since a lot of my friends are have babies, thinking about having babies, or getting ready to have babies, I found an awesome go-to gift that I’ve already given twice.

These books are hilarious!

I chose to give them to new parents-to-be with good senses of humor. I generally don’t like being limited to buying gifts off a registry so when I found these on http://www.perpetualkid.com/ I couldn’t resist! (you can also get them on overstock.com/o.co for a little bit cheaper but I’d recommend checking out Perpetual Kid for all the other fun stuff they have available!)

I don’t need to go into lot of detail about why I love these books so much…the pictures below say it all. Enjoy!!


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  1. Those are hilarious. Good job me for finally getting caught up on your blog...