The Move

I'm not going to sugar coat it, the move sucked. Big time. I never want to move again...if I do, it wil lbe when it's much, much cooler.

My mom came up to help with the move and some fantastic friends came to help throughout the day. I'll start from the beginning...

It was only supposed to be 95 degrees last Friday when I moved. That means the heat index was about 105-ish. Mom got to town a bit earlier than expected (she swears she told me she'd leave home around 7...but it was suppsoed to be 8 and I always remember things like that correctly) so she came with me to drop off my cable boxes and donations to the library and Goodwill. It felt good to get rid of all that stuff and to know it woudl be used again.

Then we went to pick up the U-haul and get started filling it up. My friend Megan came over at noon-ish to help with the couches since I didn't want to kill my mom (I have big couches). We couldnt get the sliding glass door out all the way and my couch was too big to fit through one side of it or the front door. Lovely. The day was starting out horribly. So Megan left to go back to work and I was frustrated and wondering how we were going to get the couches out. Well...I took some aggression out on the other side of the sliding glass door and it finally came out. Hallellujah! Little did I know that was NOT the last issue we'd have with the couches.

Mom and I loaded up the couches and as much as we could in the U-haul before heading to KC. We made our goal of hitting the road by 3 to avoid any sort of traffic. Solid plan that totally worked.

As soon as we got to the new apt we started taking out the little things blocking the couches and bed, etc. Two other fantastic friends, Sara and Joey (husband of Jen) came over to help. I cannot tell you how EXTREMELY THANKFUL I was to have their help. Mom too, she said she probably couldnt lift anything heavier than the overnight bag she brought. I can't blame her. It was so nice to have some strong, fresh legs to help move things in.

We got most everything in with no problems...until we tried getting my larger couch into the apartment. Not happening. We tried putting it on end...nope. Turning it a certain way...nope. At one point I asked my friends and mother to be honest, "does this even look feasible?" Their answer was a resounding "NO!" so back on the truck it went. I donated it to Goodwill along with a sofa table and lamp--someone will love all three, I'm sure.

Not gonna lie...I am sad about the couch. It was so comfy and broken-in. Oh well, I will just have to get a chair or something else in addition to the love seat, which is fine for now.

There was some bloodshed. Joey, Sara, and I all worked on getting the bed frame set up. Yes, it took 3 people, two with master's degrees, to figure out the stupid bed frame. Welp, we put the two pegs into the two holes you are NEVER supposed to use, apparently. We could barely get it together and once we did and realized it was wrong, we couldnt get it apart. I said screw it and planned to attack it later with a hammer. Somehow during the struggle Joey injured himself and got blood all over the place (kidding...I found my bandaids in time to stop the bleeding).

After abandoning the bed frame we got everything else into the apt and called it a day. Then my lovely boyfriend came over...AFTER all the heavy lifting was done...and took us to dinner at Gates BBQ. YUM :)

Ugh.. mom and I had to return the U-haul the next day and get the rest of my stuff out of my old apartment so we did that early on Saturday so we'd have time to relax and go to the grocery store, etc. Again, not gonna lie, the second day was probably worse than the first day. It was about 10 degrees hotter and, even though we had less items, our bodies were just not handling it well at all. But we finished...thank goodness.

We relaxed a bit, went to the store, ate and I took a nap before heading to the NKOTBSB concert (that post is next).

Some pictures to room before and after:
And I had to share this one of Kitty... she HATES being put in her carrier but I had to do it to take her to the U-haul. She meows so I am hurting her...but as soon as I open the carrier and let her out into the vehicle, she's fine. She climbed right onto this seat next to me and just sat there the whole way to the new apt. My little co-pilot. BTW..she has always been good in cars. She sits in the passenger seat and usually goes to sleep.


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