Checking in

Here's the update on the moving situation...

To do:

--Finish packing kitchen items (pots/pans, wine glasses, tupperware, mixing/serving bowls, non-perishable food items)

--Clean kitchen and make sure everything is out of cabinets **one cabinet left!

--Finish packing dining room/living room loose items in storage bins (holiday items, crafts, etc)

--Break down dining room table

--Go through bedside table/shelf; toss old magazines, etc.

--Go through/pack bathroom items

--Wash bedspread and bed skirt, cloth shower curtain, finish other laundry

--Clean bathroom

--Take Chris' old dresser (what's left of it) out to the curb along with all other trash

--Fold and pack all sheets/towels to take on Thursday

--Buy more duct tape and new vinyl shower curtain

--Patch hole (made by exterminator)

--Sweep/mop all floors

--Clean out cat box and scrub down

--Take donations to Goodwill

--Return TV boxes/remotes

--Take desk out to curb and put big ass "FREE" sign on it...if it doesn't sell.

--Get the hell outta Dodge :)


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