So...I've been meaning to pack for the last month. I've used it as my excuse to get out of all sorts of situations--but now moving day is only 3 days away and I've only packed about 9 boxes. Granted, a lot of my things dont need to be put in a box. My clothes, for example, will be put in the trunk of my car (which will be packed with other small items from my bathroom and bedroom that are a pain in the ass to move anyway) and taken to my apartment Thursday after work.

I get my keys and sign the lease on July 14 (Thursday) so I am going to take a load of crap over after work just to get it out of the way. I've always found that moving clothes and little things is the worst part, so I'm loading my car up to maximum capacity and will avoid 5 o'clock traffic while I unload it at the new place. I need some accountability so I'm going to make a list on my blog so I can check in and check off some of these things. I've been a slacker, but that is not an option this week--I want everything packed and ready to go on Friday morning. Although, I am quite proud of my donate pile and my trash pile! Donations are going Friday morning and the trash pick up is tomorrow!

To do:
--Finish packing kitchen items (pots/pans, wine glasses, tupperware, mixing/serving bowls, non-perishable food items)
--Clean kitchen and make sure everything is out of cabinets
--Finish packing dining room/living room loose items in storage bins (holiday items, crafts, etc)
--Break down dining room table
--Go through bedside table/shelf; toss old magazines, etc.
--Go through/pack bathroom items
--Wash bedspread and bed skirt, cloth shower curtain, finish other laundry
--Clean bathroom
--Take Chris' old dresser (what's left of it) out to the curb along with all other trash
--Fold and pack all sheets/towels to take on Thursday
--Buy more duct tape and new vinyl shower curtain
--Patch hole (made by exterminator)
--Sweep/mop all floors
--Clean out cat box and scrub down
--Take donations to Goodwill
--Return TV boxes/remotes
--Take desk out to curb and put big ass "FREE" sign on it...if it doesn't sell.
--Get the hell outta Dodge :)

So yeah, not much to do :)

Here is my mountain of boxes. I should have taken the photo from the other side, it was much more impressive from the other angle.


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