Don't Be Hatin'

...on my fabulous life...
Here's some of the awesome things I've been up to : )

Easter 2011--Kevin, his nephew Brett, and his GIANT Easter Egg (courtesy of me, thankyouverymuch)

Doing some crafting...I made this cute sign for Megan's new niece, Berkley, who will be gracing the world with her presence in June. So.Much.Pink!

Buying water...lots of water. Oh,'s not mine! Kevin has a slight major addiction to VitaminWater Zero...this picture doesnt even begin to do it justice. He cleared the shelf.
Getting attacked by a giant eagle? Yes...just a day in the life... Well, this picture is particularly funny to me and Kevin (and Mike, too, now that he is in on the Joke). Before I even met Kevin (product of online dating) we were talking on the phone and I decided to tell him I had a giant eagle tattooed on my back--from shoulder to shoulder, with an American flag somewhere in the mix. HE BELIEVED ME. Hook.Line.andSinker. Ohhh silly Kevin. Anyway, this was taken last Friday.

What have you been up to lately?


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  1. Um, that sign is so cute!!!

  2. Gosh. I've missed Blogland so much! Uhmmm... Yah. That sign is SUPER DUPER cute. Yes. I did just say super duper! Lol.