So get this... I was thinking of the best gift to get for Jae's 2nd birthday when I had a flash of genius: I wanted to get her the new Crayola Colored Bubbles!
What a glorious idea! I had given her some bubble toys for her 1st birthday, so why not continue the tradition. I had been at Walmart the day before my glorious idea so I figured I would just run up to my local store and get some the day before the party.

Easier said than done, my friends.

The store in Lawrence was out so I tried Target...no dice.

I was planning on going shopping in KC on Saturday and had to stop by Toys 'R' Us to pick up the rest of Jae's gift so I planned on grabbing them there. Nope, try again.

On to the next store--Target in Olathe. Negative, Ghostwriter.

By that point I was so frustrated that I needed to indulge in a little retail therapy for myself, which did not end well either (really, I can't find anything good at Old Navy? WTF!?). At that point I sent a text to Jen and Joey and told them I was heading over to visit and see if I could help out with any of the party decorating.

After doing some crafts with Jen and figuring out the plan for the rest of my day with Kevin, I decided to try one last Target on the way to Lee's Summit since I can usually find things there when I have no luck other places.

I went back to the toy section and sure enough... there were no effing colored bubbles to be found. They did, however, have Jelly Belly scented bubbles. No thanks.

I felt completely defeated. Did everyone in Lawrence, KC, and Lee's Summit just now see the commercials for the bubbles? Was there a rush on bubbles? I was just annoyed, tired, and ready to call it quits. I did go to the Old Navy in Lee's Summit and have to say...I love them. I can ALWAYS find something there and the people are very nice.

So, that brings us to the day of the party. There are about a million Wal-Mart's, or Wal-Markts as Kevin and I like to call them, on the way to the J's house so I figured we could just stop and try one last time at the one store I didn't try the day before. I was hopeful.

We walked in and I made a bee-line to the toy section where I found an entire aisle filled with bubbles, bubble blowers, bubble wands, etc. The one thing missing? Crayola Colored Bubbles. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! There was a small child in front of where the colored bubbles should have been and I almost threw her out of the way so I could investigate further. I didnt. I waited until she left the aisle.

I almost threw a tantrum, let me tell you. Seriously? Every store is out of them? But then I saw it...the distinctive cap of the elusive Crayola Colored Bubbles bottle. Eureka! One bottle! Perfect! And, as luck would have it, they were green, my favorite color (and Jae's mama's favorite, too)! There must be a God. I grabbed the bottle and practically RAN to find Kevin.

We got back to the car, I threw the bottle in some tissue paper and we were off to the party. I was super exicted to try them out so after the gift unwrapping was done and the party moved upstairs I took them outside to do a test run. I was probably more excited than anyone else.

I pulled off the plastic safety packaging and opened the bottle.

The effing bubbles were purple instead of green.


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  1. LMAO! If the weather ever warms up and stops raining, we are gonna be on those bubbles!!