What's Up With Bacon?

Has anyone else noticed that Bacon is making a HUGE comeback?! (Not a comeback for me, I've always been a big fan)

There's maple-bacon doughnuts, "Baconalia" at Denny's, and the Bacon, Bacon, Bacon pizza at Papa Murphy's. I've noticed that Wendy's has applewood smoked bacon on their burgers (including the Baconator), and now Dunkin' Donuts has cherrywood smoked bacon on their new breakfast sandwich.

And what about the 2009 sensation Bacon Explosion? (complete with instructions on how to make your own!)

Just a bacon observation...anyone else noticing that bacon is EVERYWHERE these days?


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  1. YES! Someone posted "bacon roses" on FB last night and I went to a cupcake shop and they had bacon cupcakes! BACON!!!!!!!!

  2. When I wrote "BACON!!!!!" yesterday, I forgot that you may not know how I was hearing it in my head. Watch this and go ahead and hear "BACON!!!" like I hear "BACON!!!!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaK9bjLy3v4 YAY! JIM GAFFIGAN!!! BACON!!!!!

  3. Uhmm... YAH! Bacon makes just about everything better!