Flashback Friday

Guess what? Not only is today Flashback Friday, it's my 65th post :) Happy Friday everyone and Happy Easter!

It's a pretty gloomy day here in Lawrence, KS so I picked a photo that pretty much sums up where I want to be today (and every super nice day in the spring).

This is me and my co-worker, Dave, enjoying our annual company day at the K (Kauffman Stadium). I believe this was my first year with the company so it was just about 3 and a half years ago. The entire staff gets the day off to head out to a Royals game and, of course, tailgate before the game. We have BBQ from Oklahoma Joe's (yum) and enjoy washers, cornhole, and drinks before heading into the stadium to watch the game. I love this picture because it was a perfect day and everyone had a great time--I definitely wish I were there right now--or that it was at least as nice out today as it was that day.

Happy Friday!

Flashback Friday


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