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Usually I am pretty good about interpreting my dreams but last night's was a doozy! I really cant even begin to describe my confusion when I woke up. What are your thoughts?

The dream:
I was running a night club with my friend, Joslyn, in our hometown of Newton, KS. It was in the "outlet mall" (I use quotes because it's not so much of an outlet mall anymore) but we had REALLY thick Jersey accents with a touch of Russian (umm, I'm Polish/German and Joslyn has Swedish heritage) and really big hair, bad make up, etc. The place was packed and we were running auditions for a DJ so we decided to let them take turns. While the first guy is doing his DJ thing, a fight breaks out and I try to break it up and tell Joslyn to "go get the biggest security guy you can find!" She runs out and then the DJ, who has now taken the form of Jovany, an American Idol contestant who got kicked off a few shows back, looks like he's on drugs. I grabbed him by the shirt collar and look into his eyes and ask him if he's high. He tells me no but starts laughing and I yelll, "then why are you laughing?" he says, "because I have all these drugs in my shirt, but I'm not high."

Then I take him back to the back room to give him the talk about lying and doing drugs (drugs are bad, crack is whack, all that jazz). On the way back to the room there is a guy who has just a head and a pair of pants that came up to his chin, no torso, and his arms were his legs and his hands were his feet. (creepy!) The creepy hand man walked up behind Giovani and put a piece of paper on his head and made a fist with his hand-foot and hit him on the head lightly. (is that the punishment for doing drugs?) And then I woke up.


By the way, this is Jovany:


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  1. I'm about 93% sure that dream just means that you watch entirely too much reality TV.