Catching Up--February

Again, I've let my blog slide... so today is a catch up post with mostly pictures. The end of February was semi eventful with lots of interesting weather changes. Gotta love Kansas!

I got to visit my good friends the J's (Joey, Jen, and Jaelynn) one Sunday evening and snapped a few pictures of one of the cutest little girls ever. Normally I can't get her to look at the camera but I was in luck that night...she came right up to me when I was holding the camera out and I was lucky enough to get this shot. She's so cute--especially now that she says my name. Hard to believe she's almost 2--it seems like yesterday when I went to meet her at the hospital!
She's a little Jae-hawk :)

The day the 2 J's became 3 :) April 29, 2009
 The weather has been crazy here lately. Today there are thunderstorms, yesterday it was almost 70 degrees, and last weekend we had some crazy fog.
This was my view on the way home from Kevin's house last Sunday (2/27)

And the view of 3rd St. in Lee's Summit. What you can't see is the shopping center.

Backing waaay up, I made valentines day cupcakes for the ladies at work:
...and helped decorate for the Valentine's Day dinner at Brandon Woods:
That about does it... look for a post soon of Kevin's completed kitchen! It looks great... here's a sneak peek:


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