WTF Friday (on Sat. Morning) Men's Jeans

I am having a bit of trouble understanding what's going on with men's jeans lately. Seriously--skinny (super tight) jeans CANNOT be comfortable for the "package," can they? I wish I would have had a camera the other day to capture the complete wrongness of the jeans a guy was wearing. They were so extremely tight I really wasnt sure it was a guy. HOW THE F ARE THESE COMFORTABLE?! (and, might I note, the skinnier the jean, the bigger your clown shoes look.)
So wrong...on SO many levels!!!
Next up...over embellished jeans. This was a personal experience when we were out for Necia/Darcie/Amy's birthdays. I think they are a butt too much (pun totally intended). Guys, leave the embellishment to the ladies, please. I immediately thought this guy was a bit too metro and probably takes longer than most women to get ready. barf. Plus--what's the deal with crosses and all this "Affliction" crap? I get it, it's in style (and I must apologize to my BFF, Chris, who wears the shirts and has "Jesus shoes" :)) So does this guy think his ass is really worthy of TWO crosses? Talk about Idolatry--guilty. Hasnt he seen Dogma?!


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  1. The first issue is a question for NHB.

  2. Oddly enough (or not oddly at all) I thought about him when writing this. I wonder where he is these days ?!