JOEL! (and other Manhattan adventures)

This is late but, better late than never, right? My friend Necia and I ventured to Manhattan (ew) to see Joel McHale. Frankly, we are both mildly obsessed with him and think he's hot. This was Necia's second time seeing him and my first.

Definitely a great show--definitely recommend seeing him! Did I mention that he's hot? :)

Oh, so there are some other randoms in here. What's up with the signs for MLK in Manhattan? Do they really need to have a side view of MLK on the sign? ON EVERY SIGN? Anyone else find it ironic that its white?

While we were in Manhattan I made Necia drive past the PKA house since I do their newsletters/solicitations. Lovely. By the way... Cam from Modern Family (Eric Stonestreet) was a member of this frat :)


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