Surrounded By Creativity

Ive heard from many different people that in order to be successful you must surround yourself with successful people. I think the same is true with creativity--in order to be creative, or more creative, you must surround yourself with creative people. Luckily, I have some awesome friends who inspire me and make me want to be more creative in many different areas.

My friend/co-worker Megan is an amazing graphic designer. She just started a blog to showcase her talents--go check it out and keep checking back (since she just started it) and see if there is something that either inspires you to get creative or to hire her to create something fabulous for you! Megan is an amazing person all-around. She won our company's MVP award for 2009 and completely deserved it. She is also getting the "Big of the Year" award for Big Brothers Big Sisters. An MVP in all areas!

I often talk about "The J's" and most of my readers know who they are...but if not, I will tell you right now. The J's are two friends who I love dearly--Joey, who I met while working at Target, and his wife, Jen. I've been lucky enough to get to know them even more over the years and share in their special moments, including their wedding and birth of their first child, Baby Jae (Jaelynn). Jen just started a 365-Blog where she will document every day for a year in photos. Its great because a lot of the pictures are of the baby and I just cant get enough of her. Jen is also using the blog to learn more about and perfect her photography hobby.So, check it out and fall in love with her pictures!!! (and Baby J) Holiday Party date and one of my favorite people, Mike Lemon, is amazing! He inspires me to be a better person and tap into my talents to succeed in the things I do. Check out his website and watch his videos! He is using his talents to help others find their talents to steer their lives in a positive direction. So GO WATCH!! (his blog is also in my blogroll, so check that out, too

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to meet a friend of a friend of my best friend, Chris. Ryan teaches at Cowley County Community College and has a MFA. Even though I've known him for less than a month...he has totally inspired me to get back into the writing groove. Its no secret that I want to write a book and it just so happens that Ryan has a book published--buy it here. Its about the Coen Brothers (The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, etc...) I love them, as well, so if you do--buy the book.

These are just a few of the very creative and inspiring people I am lucky enough to know (more later)--Getting back to my idea for a book-- I need your help, dear readers and friends. If there are any stories or strange/odd/funny situations we have been in together please leave them in a comment. I'm trying to put together a book of short stories that are, of course, funny because, asyou know if you are a friend of mine, A LOT of hilarious, strange, and otherwise amusing things happen to me. Oh, and I am planning on segmenting the book into Middle/High School, College, Post-College, and Work.

I have some good ones in the works... the first of which is the "Just Touch It" incident. I am planning on posting a sample chapter on here for comments, but Im not sure Im ready for that step just yet. So--pretty please help me remember all the good/strange/amusing times :)


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    Electric Cowboy and Orange Crush T-shirts.

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