Goals for the Weekend

Well, here it is another weekend and I am completely exhausted. I woke up on Friday morning with horrendous stomach pains--yep, another gallbladder "attack." No good. I woke up at 330 and was sick until about 545, at which point I believe I fell asleep perched in "about to be sick" position hanging off the edge of my bed. Lovely. A lot of blood vessels around my eys burst in the process so now I have some new purple freckles until they go away.

I am also working this weekend at Brandon Woods, taking photos from Delta Chi and AGD at KU (Pancakes to Fight Parkinsons), and I have a ton of other things I'd like to get done before the weekend is over but I dont know if that will happen.

Here are my goals:
--get my oil changed
--finishing paiting the dining room and bathroom
--hang all my art/pictures on the walls
--start some headbands (new project)
--go bra shopping (in desperate need)
--clean my apt
--start/finish my headboard project (super SUPER excited about this one!!! I am making a padded headboard like they do on all of the DIY shows--dont think it needs to be padded for any other reason that aesthetics people... my life isnt that exciting:))

Good luck to me, I guess. : )


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  1. So how'd your weekend list end up going? I would tell you how mine went, but I don't make lists so my disappointment level never goes up when I don't check every one off of them.