The Nitty Gritty

You know that saying, "Let's get down to the nitty gritty?" (or something like that) Well, it's that time for me. As many of you know (if you dont, you're about to find out) that I am a participant in the Biggest Loser Challenge at my company. There are 6 participants; 4 men and 2 women. Currently I am in second place overall, having lost 4.33% of my body weight since the challenge began on November 13.

Not too shabby, eh? Well, second place definitely wont work for me. The leader is just about 2% higher than I am and I am DETERMINED to catch up and beat him before the end of the competition, which is February 13--so just over a month to kick his ass :) I am pretty happy that, as a female, I am keeping up with the guys! But, keeping up just wont do, I really want to win. I'm not going to lie--I could REALLY use the prize money (the entry fee was $50 and the winner gets the whole pot--you do the math)--by the time the challenge is over, and if I kick it into high gear, I will need the money to buy some new clothes, but mostly I'd like to use to money to help me get my car fixed. (big hole in my bumper thanks to someone in a not so awesome Ford Tempo)

So... here's the plan. I am going to get up in the mornings and do the 30-day shred (part of my New Year's goal anyway) and then get ready for work, after which I will head to the gym for at least an hour. I havent decided if I want to alternate what I do at the gym but I will probably do cardio on M-W-F and weights on Tu-Th. Although, our awesome company team, the Gold Diggers, starts volleyball on Friday. We are in the "power 3" coed league, which Im guessing means we are going to get our asses kicked.

I know my plan seems extreme, and it kind of is, but really, its only for a month and I really do want to beat the guys :)


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