I Thought We Were Past This

This story makes me very sad. I am bless to have very tolerant friends and family so it irritates me to no end that there are ignorant people in the world that would stoop to this level of disrespect and intolerance.

I guess my thought on the matter is if you really have a problem with a persons sexual orientation nd you feel it's going to affect their ability to be an effective legislator, then don't vote for them--no need to send death threats.

Grr... just annoying. But then again...he is a democratic candidate, living in Wichita, and works in Hesston. Big time Republican territory down there. I am proud of him for the way he reacted to the death threat and that it isn't making him reconsider running.


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  1. Personally, I love that the sender was too lazy to correctly spell "faggot".