Drag U

Has anyone else seen this show? RuPaul's DragU? OMG. Kevin and I are hooked and it's easy to see why by looking at these pictures, right?
Doesn't it look like a magical place?
They take women this like this:

And enter their vitals into the Dragulator:

And turns them into this:

Oh, have some fun...here is the link to the Dragulator! You Betta work!

Who wouldnt want to be taught the ways of a tranny by "professors" with names like Ongina, Morgan McMichaels, Raven, Pandora Boxx, and JuJuBee? Where can I sign up?

(L to R) Raven, JuJuBee, and Ongina


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  1. Are they making butchy/angry lesbians into drag queens??

  2. Most of them arent lesbians, just women who have stopped caring or trying to be feminine.