WTF Wednesday/June/July Recap

I's so NOT Friday, but I have been busy lately and didnt have a chance to post something on Friday last week--I figured it was too late to "post date" an entry. So we'll just do 2 this week :) WOOHOO.

so my WTF Wednesday is...WTF??!! How is it already July 14. Seriously, this month/summer has FLOWN by. (not that I mind, I'm not a fan of the heat and humidity the Kansas summer brings). today is one of the really hot days, I believe the heat index is about 110, which is really annoying. It's so humid that you kind of lose your breath when you walk outside--the air is just so heavy.

This month has been crazy but I've had a few WTF moment at my apartment, did some cooking/baking, and went to a 1st birthday party. No need to do a big recap, I'll just post pictures with captions :) Enjoy!

I just happened to look up one night and saw this thing on the wall above my patio door. I thought to myself (and probably said outloud to the cat) "Is that a SLUG?!" I got up to take a closer look...

Umm yeah, it's a slug. WTF?! I was just watching it move up the wall slowly and I was planning on taking care of it when he was lower to the ground but once he got to the top of the door he must have come out the way he came in, which really makes me question the integrity of the seal around my doors. Anyway, I didnt see him anymore and went to bed. I havent seen Slugo since.

On the night of July 3, I was in bed talking on the phone when I happened to see headlights in the parking lot (shining toward the east). normally I would assume it was just someone parking but they kept heading east toward our fancy barrier/parking lot containment system, aka railroad ties. Again I assumed it was nothign out of the ordinary and kept watching to see which one of my fabulous neighbors it was. Well, that didnt happen because the car just kept heading east OVER the railroad ties. I'm not really sure if they just thought, 'Hey, it's just a speed bump" or where they were headed (to the east is just the grass behind  the next four-plex of apts and then their parking lot. Maybe they just thought, "Hey, its a shortcut." Either way, I couldnt help but laugh when their car went over the railroad ties and hearing the underside of the car, the chasis if you will, slam down on top of the tie. (Ask Kevin, I laughed out loud) They just kind of sat there for a moment probably wondering "WTF!" and I assumed they would get out and check out the damage or try to figure out what to do. Nope...they just hit the gas and drove the rest of the car over the tie. WOW.

I didnt really thinkg anything of it, just stupid people, probably drunk, until I went out to my car the next morning and saw this:
In the process of driving over the railroad ties they completely overturned them and left the rebar sticking straight up in the air.'s July 14 and no one has fixed them yet...the mowers just kind of moved them to the side to mow around them. Awesome. It makes me chuckle when I see them, though.
I occasionally work at Brandon Woods Retirement Community in Lawrence and the last time was on July 4th. I have always wanted to work that day at BW because they have a huge picnic for the residents and their families. An awesome Jazz band plays and they go all out with the food, which was absolutely delish this year. It was my first year of helping out and since I'm usually in charge of centerpieces for the special dinners/occasions, I was put in charge of the table decorations for the 4th. Nothing Fancy...but definitely patriotic. While I made them I was totally listening to the "Patriotic" station on my Pandora.
For the picnic they clear out the resident carports and set up tables--there was a great turnout and everyone had a great time. I do love working there for days like the 4th...not to mention the residents are the best!


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