Sorry I've been MIA lately. I have been sick this week and the last couple of weeks at work have been picking up--newsletter season and all.

On Tuesday my team, the green team, went out for lunch to celebrate our first 25% (newsletters mailed). We went to the Yacht Club and talked a bit about the KU game. Low and behold Coach Self walked in and Janice waved to him like she knew him...he kind of did a double take and then walked up to where we were sitting just in time for Darcie to ask him if we could take a picture with him.

I love my team.
we're on a first name basis with "Bill" now :)


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  1. Just when I didn't think you could get any cooler, you go ahead and pull this stunt.

    (Is it weird that my first thought when I saw this was that I liked his glasses? Not that his hand was all over you...no, no, no...Bill Self looks studly in those glasses. Wow. I AM a freak.)

  2. Nice! Funny, I was also first drawn to his glasses.