So, Why Can't I Tell?

I guess in response to my last post about the Biggest Loser Challenge at work coming to an end, I have been thinking about how much I (or my body) have changed since July. I have never been as successful with weight loss until this year but the funny thing is...I can't tell.

I know it's pretty common for someone who has lost weight to still see the person he or she was before losing weight. I know my clothes fit better and that I have had to buy new things but really, some days I just don't think I have really lost 35 lbs. I hear the compliments and truly appreciate them but it's hard for me to take them when I can't even tell I look any different. Maybe I just need to hear it from people I haven't seen since the summer? I don't know--my brain/eyes just need to catch up with my body I guess.




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  1. I think you look great! I need the motivation to loose this baby weight! How did you guys do it?

  2. I think you should come out to Charlotte and I'll let you know. ;)